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– Lover of language and literature – Current scholar of linguistics and neuroscience – Keen cyclist – Cheerful, friendly and resourceful – Always eager to please


Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a fully qualified Primary school teacher. I am currently teaching a grade 3/4 class and love every minute of it! I am a dedicated and determined person who strives to improve all student’s academic abilities whilst also keeping learning relevant and fun! If your child needs that extra bit of support, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to helping your child fulfill their academic needs and achieve their own personal learning goals! Together, we can do it!


I’m very fond of learning and curious either by nature or as a developed habit. I enjoy tutoring mainly because I got into the habit of teaching friends before exams, especially during the HSC and my first year of University. I have also continued to help my sister in all of her subjects, despite not having formally studied many of the subjects she is doing currently in the HSC. I am, thus, very up to date with the syllabus. I provide assistance mainly in the expression and structuring of essays, as well as applying any extra knowledge I have gained through non academic pursuits and leisurely reading. I have, since completing HSC, taken an interest in philosophy and historic literature which has allowed me to explain concepts in humanities subjects with greater depth and highlight the connections between seemingly discrete subjects. I guess my extra-curricular activities consist of reading, listening to music and occasionally playing football.

Lewis Keith

I have found that my diverse range of work/life experiences (including living overseas and learning another language while there) and qualifications achieved over time have made me a well-rounded, mature, hard-working and capable employee. I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree and as a result I am flexible and ready to work at varying times. Thank you for your consideration, I hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards, Lewis McKeown



I have been tutoring primary and secondary students in English and maths for over 11 years and I am proud to see many of my students progress into astute learners with a bright future ahead of them. I have enjoyed teaching privately and classes at Ace Tuition, Broadmeadows for over 6 years, specialising in mathematics, exam strategies and effective learning techniques.


Hi, My name is Charlotte and I’ve just moved back to Australia after 6 amazing years overseas. I’m currently at University, studying a Bachelor of Arts, on a pathway to Masters of Primary Teaching. I’ve been tutoring and teaching for years, both working with primary and secondary school students. I have a passion for teaching and learning, and love that as a teacher I have a chance to transfer this passion to someone else.