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VCE Tutors

Fuse Tutor has a network of qualified VCE tutors available to help students achieve the score they need to get into their preferred University course. For a tailored approach and customised one on one support, VCE tutoring from Fuse Tutor will complement your school learning. Fuse Tutor will focus on the areas that you need improvement and we will teach you in a way that allows you to maximize your learning. This means you’ll achieve better grades and a brighter future.

Sometimes students are satisfied with their school education, but feel that they are lacking the challenge to take them out of their comfort zone in order to excel. Our VCE Tutors can help you extend yourself and expose you to different perspectives and study techniques to help you stand out from the crowd. It is important for you to make sure your exam and assessment responses stand out from the 40,000 VCE students each year. We’ll teach you the right tools including exam strategies, sample exam responses and a perspective of our experiences to help you gain confidence.

Fuse Tutor is ready to listen and help you with your learning needs.
In home private VCE tutors are now available throughout Melbourne

Our skilled VCE Tutors:

  • One on one or two on one private VCE tutoring
  • VCE tutors are either the top 10% of VCE achievers (90+ ATAR) and are undertaking or completing a degree or
  • VCE tutors are registered teachers with school teaching experience
  • In home private tutoring or at the local library
  • Our tutors can teach at all levels and abilities
  • Tuition fees start from $50 per hour
  • No sign up, hidden fees or lock in contracts
  • All tutors are personally interviewed and screened

VCE Subjects Available

  • VCE Accounting Tutors
  • VCE Biology Tutors
  • VCE Chemistry Tutors
  • VCE Economics Tutors
  • VCE English Tutors
  • VCE English Language Tutors
  • VCE French Tutors
  • VCE Further Maths Tutors
  • VCE Japanese Tutors
  • VCE Legal Studies Tutors
  • VCE Literature Tutors
  • VCE Maths Methods Tutors
  • VCE Physics Tutors
  • VCE Psychology Tutors
  • VCE Specialist Maths Tutors