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VCE English Tutor

We have highly experienced VCE English tutors to help develop and maximise your English writing and speaking skills. Our private tutoring can help students gain confidence and achieve higher marks in their VCE subject scores.

VCE English is a compulsory subject for the VCE curriculum and is a prerequisite subject for most tertiary courses. It is also essential to have strong English skills to effectively communicate your intended message within other VCE subjects.
Our VCE English tutors can help you effectively harness your English communication and writing skills, teaching you various techniques and approaches best suited to your writing style.

VCE English Tutors for Units 1 & 2 – Year 11

Our tutors will cover a range of specific texts which the student is studying at school. Tutors will help develop the student’s comprehension and improve their ability and confidence in writing, in particular text responses and timed text responses in preparation for year 11 and the final year 12 exams.

Core English study areas that the tutor will help students develop include:

  • Text analysis and essay response – comprehension and discussion of key ideas, themes and issues within the student’s texts or film and effectively constructing a range of expository responses.
  • Contextual Creative writing – context area studies and writing creatively taking into account context, purpose and audience.
  • Oral Communication – improving the student’s use and understanding of oral language using different contexts.
  • Issues – understanding the use of language to persuade and analysis of language techniques in the media, including presenting an oral point of view. Examination techniques and timed essay writing.

Each VCE Unit which is 1 semester long will general comprise of 3 outcomes. An example of how this is structured at most Victorian schools is outlined below. Our VCE English tutors will have a structured plan to help you tackle each outcome in preparation for the end of semester examinations.

VCE English Unit 1

  • Outcome 1 – Oral Presentation
  • Outcome 2 – Text Response essay (novel, short story, play or film)
  • Outcome 3 – Context Area studies including creative writing response
  • End of Semester examination

VCE English Unit 2

  • Outcome 1 – Language Analysis
  • Outcome 2 – Text Response essay (novel, short story, play or film)
  • Outcome 3 – Expository context response
  • End of Semester examination

VCE English Tutors for VCE English Units 3&4 – Year 12

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