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Melbourne Tutors

Melbourne Tutors

Local tutors, educated at the world’s leading Universities. We’re here to help give your grades a boost.

Private Melbourne tutors are available in metropolitan Melbourne. Lessons are conveniently conducted at your home or local library.

Our network comprises of over 800 qualified and screened tutors covering a wide range of subject areas within the Victorian curriculum. Ranging from Maths and English tutors through to specialised VCE subject tutors, our dedicated team will help boost your confidence and grades. Search for a tutor to give yourself a head start today.

Melbourne Tutors

Local tutors. Specialist knowledge.

Fuse Tutor has created a network of Australia’s highest achievers and teaching professionals to help you succeed academically.

Our Melbourne tutors are high achieving and accomplished VCE graduates, University students and veteran teachers with numerous years of tutoring experience. Some of whom are State Premier’s Awards  and scholarship recipients, University Honours students and VCAA assessors.

You can be confident when choosing your tutor with Fuse Tutor, as our team is locally educated and trained. Armed with specialised knowledge in their subject areas, your learning requirements in conjunction with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) framework will be addressed to give you an edge in your studies.

Melbourne Tutors

Advanced and Expert Tutors.

Our Melbourne Tutors are not your traditional tutors found on random classifieds or online listings. We have developed a tiered approach to your learning needs, allowing you to choose either an Advanced or Expert tutor.

Our tutors are screened for their English communication skills and experience to ensure lessons are engaging and easy to understand. You can be confident when you choose a tutor with Fuse Tutor because we believe in progressive learning to open up greater opportunities and develop a brighter future for students.

Advanced Tutors

University students and graduates who have achieved above 90 in their HSC or VCE with strong subject knowledge learnt in their tertiary studies. With over 1 year of tutoring experience, Advanced Tutors can provide invaluable learning strategies which have helped them succeed. Lessons start from $45 per hour.

Expert Tutors

Registered teachers who currently teach or have taught in Australian schools.  With over 3 years of teaching experience, Expert Tutors provide concrete learning strategies with a planned approach to help students build confidence and achieve academic success. Lessons start from $60 per hour.


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