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About Us

About Fuse Tutor

Fuse Tutor is an Australian educational organisation providing professional, private in-home tuition and group tuition services.

Fuse Tutor started from humble beginnings in Melbourne. Its founder, Rav Pham is an avid tutor since graduating from high school, and after developing a passion to teach and empower students with knowledge, he discovered there was a lack of quality, accessible tutors. To help close this educational gap, Fuse Tutor was developed in 2012 and has since grown to a network of over 800 tutors, with over 8000 hours of tutoring completed.

Our mission is to enhance future opportunities for students by providing accessible learning that will stimulate minds and improve academic results. We believe everyone is capable and deserving of academic success and we can achieve this by arming students with the vast knowledge base of our tutors.

The Fuse Tutor Team

Fuse Tutor has a dedicated team of professional tutors operating in Australia and focused on the fusion of minds – where great minds collaborate to share ideas, transfer knowledge and instill confidence.

Students can now gain access to some of Australia’s best tutors. Some of whom are award winning HSC graduates, University scholarship recipients and renowned teachers.

Our team of tutors comprise of:

  • Individually screened and selected tutors.
  • High achieving University students and qualified teachers.
  • Successfully completed HSC and VCE with an ATAR of above 90.
  • Tutors with years of tutoring experience.
  • Expert tutors who are Australian trained and registered teachers with practical teaching experience in Australian schools.
  • Solid English speaking and communication skills.

We’ve selected some of the best tutors in Australia to maximise your learning potential. You can be confident when choosing a tutor with Fuse Tutor.