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Eric Chen

Eric C hen.

Tutor Type Advanced Tutor
Teaching Experience 1 year
Travel radius 20 km from Waitara
Tuition Fee
$45.00/hour (Prep to Year 10)
$50.00/hour (VCE)
24 hour cancellation notice required

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Subjects I can Tutor

Primary Maths P-6
Secondary Maths 7-10
HSC Mathematics Extension 1
HSC Mathematics Extension 2
HSC Chemistry
HSC Physics

About Me

Teaching Experience
tutored for more than 1 year
Experienced tutor

I am currently tutoring at NumberWorksnWords Pennant Hills and have been doing so for the past year. This involves tutoring four students per hour in Maths from K – 10 and also lesson planning after the lesson.

My understanding of the subjects are concrete. I actively teach my sister and brother HSC Maths, Chemistry and Physics during my spare time.

My experience has allowed me to develop the necessary communication skills required to explain concisely various concepts and theory to students. It has also allowed me to understand how to relate to the students, allowing me to increase their confidence about their education.

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Location: Waitara, NSW

Eric will travel within 20 km of Waitara

High School ATAR Score 97.50
Bachelor of Optometry – University of New South Wales

Monday 07:00 AM     –     02:00 PM
Tuesday 06:00 PM     –     11:00 PM
Wednesday 06:00 PM     –     11:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM     –     02:00 PM
Friday 08:00 AM     –     09:00 PM
Saturday 08:00 AM     –     09:00 PM
Sunday 08:00 AM     –     09:00 PM


I am a recent HSC graduate and would like the opportunity to become a tutor/teacher at your coaching college. I have achieved academic success in my high school career and would like to pass down my knowledge and experience to help others do the same.


Hi everyone, I have been tutoring ever since the completion of my HSC. I enjoy seeing my students achieve what they deserve and knowing that their hard work will pay off. I believe that in order to raise a student’s marks, both the student and tutor must put in effort. Therefore, I will work closely with you, pin point your weakness and tackle it together. I was the section leader of the clarinet in my high school orchestra so naturally, I enjoy listening music and making music.


I love seeing students grow and learn. It’s been a passion of mine, the curiosity in their eyes and being the one to create that “spark” within a child’s mind makes me very happy.


I’m very fond of learning and curious either by nature or as a developed habit. I enjoy tutoring mainly because I got into the habit of teaching friends before exams, especially during the HSC and my first year of University. I have also continued to help my sister in all of her subjects, despite not having formally studied many of the subjects she is doing currently in the HSC. I am, thus, very up to date with the syllabus. I provide assistance mainly in the expression and structuring of essays, as well as applying any extra knowledge I have gained through non academic pursuits and leisurely reading. I have, since completing HSC, taken an interest in philosophy and historic literature which has allowed me to explain concepts in humanities subjects with greater depth and highlight the connections between seemingly discrete subjects. I guess my extra-curricular activities consist of reading, listening to music and occasionally playing football.

Penghao (Johnny)

I have over 5 years of experience tutoring maths, with levels ranging from Year 7, through HSC Extension 1 & 2, to University level. I am very devoted towards teaching and know exactly what students need from a tutor. My teaching style is mainly making complicated concepts and methodology easy for students to understand and learn, which helps students to have a deep understanding of knowledge in maths when first learning it. Furthermore, I keep tutoring sessions as interactive as possible.