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Hi everyone, I have been tutoring ever since the completion of my HSC. I enjoy seeing my students achieve what they deserve and knowing that their hard work will pay off. I believe that in order to raise a student’s marks, both the student and tutor must put in effort. Therefore, I will work closely with you, pin point your weakness and tackle it together. I was the section leader of the clarinet in my high school orchestra so naturally, I enjoy listening music and making music.


Hi, I’m currently studying a Master of Engineering (Biomedical) Degree at the University of Melbourne. I’ve had some experience tutoring VCE subjects. I legitimately enjoy teaching anything and everything I can to people who are willing to learn. I have a rather rare background having now studied science, medicine and engineering at university. But having this background I have extensive knowledge in all the basic sciences and mathematics. Outside of Uni I like to play squash, play my favorite video game or listen to the occasional nerdy/scientific podcast or youtube video. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel overseas, from the Himalayas to Oxford University. I also do my bit for charity by donating blood plasma fortnightly.