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Hi My name is Mohit, I graduated from High School in 2010 and I am currently completing a Bachelors degree in Science (UNSW). During school I was completely passionate about mathematics, as I consider maths to be a form of poetry but in numbers! After school, I chose a degree which was not suitable for me, so I changed to UNSW to re-live my interest in mathematics, which I had lost for a couple of years, so as a tutor I can also provide career advice for all students completing their HSC. My hobbies and Interests: o Music: Favorite Genres – Electronic Dance music, Hip Hop & Classical Instrumentals. o Maths/Science & Technology: I enjoy learning any phenomenon related to science and numbers and I love smart phone applications (I am using and reading about them all the time) o Sport: My Favorite Sports are Football (English Premier League), Cricket and Tennis.