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I am currently studying Environments at the University of Melbourne with a major in Environmental Engineering. I have always enjoyed Maths, ever since I was young. I began tutoring students 3 years ago at a local public high school near me. I enjoy tutoring as I get to use my knowledge of Maths to help students. It was very rewarding to see students that I was teaching making progress and understanding Maths concepts that they previously did not understand and also achieving better results because of this. Aside from Maths, I enjoy riding my bike, seeing friends, reading and travelling.


Hey there!! I’m a student at the University of Melbourne. Apart from my studies, which I’m passionate about, I have a great interest in music (I play several instruments and write my own songs) and literature; I’m currently in the process of writing a play and a novella; I am involved in student theatre. Availability will change when second semester of uni starts up in late August.