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I am currently studying a Master in Teaching (Primary) and I am extremely passionate about educational equity and ensuring every child has access to educational opportunities regardless of locality. This is a reason why I enjoy tutoring, as it means that I can teach to the needs of each individual student so they receive the support they require outside of school hours. I extremely enjoy travelling and have spent time volunteering and teaching in South East Asia and I hope to be able to continue combining both interests of travel and education together in the future.


I am currently 18 years old an graduated from high school in the class of 2013, i have always enjoyed playing sport and being physically engaged in activities, I like to translate this energy into my work. I like to think i have good communication skills and a great understanding of the intricate workings of student learning. I have played basketball for as long as I remember and I have also dabbled in other sports such as tennis, football and volleyball. I have recently found a love in astronomy and astrophysics. I love to spend my time thinking about how decisions in my life have impacted me and lead for me to be in the position I am currently in.


Hello Parents & Prospective Students My name is Poppy I’m a Monash University Arts/Law student. I graduated with an ATAR of 96.25 and I’m here to share the secret. If your child is struggling or want to study ahead in Prep-10 Mathematics or VCE 1&2 3&4 Biology and Legal studies you have come to the right place. I’m very a experienced private tutor and I think every child can improve from their current level. We will find the best way for you to build interest and confidence in their chosen subjects. Students are provided with worksheets and homework sheets so they can also do some practice at home. Even if your child is a little behind in their current grade that is OK! The personalized one-one environment allows time to explain any prerequisite knowledge not understood. My academic prospectus – Graduated with ATAR of 96.25 (2011) – Currently studying a Bachelor of Law/Arts (Majoring in French, Arabic and Chinese) (Monash University) – Monash Dean Academic Excellence Award – Over 3 years of tutoring experience Child related checks & qualifications: – Currently studying a Certificate 111 in Child Care (Along side by Bachelor degree) – Working with Children Check – First Aid Certificate – Anaphylaxis Management