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I specialise in maths and I am passionate towards teaching children and younger students as I can strongly relate myself and my own experiences of needing a tutor. I enjoy sharing my own knowledge as well as shaping the child’s personal and educational life, most importantly, the smiles from the learning journey of a student is the best reward of all.


I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at Monash University. Tutoring is an extremely rewarding task because I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience. High school is one of the most exciting journeys in a student’s life, and it is a pleasure to help others getting the most out of it. I am in all-rounded individual, enjoying both sports and music. I enjoy playing tennis and golf in my spare time, and I am practiced in three instruments, including the bagpipes. Additionally, I am fascinated by Greco-Roman mythology, and even continue to study classics subjects as electives to this day.