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I have worked as a private tutor for almost two years. I initially began tutoring in 2012 whilst undertaking a previous degree (science) as a side job. I fell in love with it! I derived great satisfaction seeing the lightbulb go off in the children’s head when they understood a concept. It was such a brilliant feeling knowing that I helped someone further their knowledge and potentially help them develop a love of learning. As a result, I gave up my science degree and continued tutoring for the remainder of the year and decided to enrol in a teaching degree the following year. Fast forward two years, and have not looked back. I love learning about learning at university and am eager to pass this on to future tutees. When I’m not at uni, I love being active – I am currently playing in a frisbee league in the inner city, love gentle hikes, walking through nature and cycling. I also love to cook, especially for my friends and family, listen to music and read.