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Adi C handa.

Tutor Type Advanced Tutor
Teaching Experience 9 years
Travel radius 10 km from Footscray
Tuition Fee
$45.00/hour (Prep to Year 10)
$50.00/hour (VCE)
24 hour cancellation notice required

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Subjects I can Tutor

Primary English P-6
General English
Primary Maths P-6
Secondary Maths 7-10
VCE Maths Methods Units 1&2
VCE General Maths Further Units 1&2
General Maths

About Me

Hi folks, my name is Adi and I’ve been a tutor for over a decade now. I fell into teaching at the age of 18 and have found it to be one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I truly believe in education and its tremendous power to cultivate change, which is why I continue to pursue teaching. I’m currently partnered with an education company and have started an online school to enable access to education in rural parts of the world.

Nelson Mandela’s timeless quote – “Education is the most powerful weapon, with which we can change the world”, is a personal favorite, and a mantra I’ve adopted.

I’m a big believer in the proverb – give a person a fish, they eat for the day but teach the person to fish, they eat for a lifetime. This is my personal mantra when it comes to tutoring. I work through several examples with my students and then ask them to work on other questions, independently, to allow them to exercise their understanding. I’ve had great success with this method with my students.

I also believe that every student is unique, from their personalities to learning abilities to learning methods, so I tend to customize my approach with every student. I don’t like the idea of painting every student with a single brush. We all have different needs and that’s where I come in to offer a guiding hand.

Teaching Experience
tutored for more than 9 years
Experienced tutor

I’ve been a tutor since 2008, having taught in both one on one and group environments. I have an engineering background so I’ve naturally gravitated towards Maths but I also teach elementary English to primary school students as well as help high school students with their essay structures etc.

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Location: Footscray, VIC

Adi will travel within 10 km of Footscray

High School ATAR Score 92.75
Bachelor of Science/Engineering – Monash University

Monday 6:00 PM     –     8:30 PM
Tuesday 6:00 PM     –     8:30 PM
Wednesday 6:00 PM     –     8:30 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM     –     8:30 PM

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