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Serina W ong.

Tutor Type Advanced Tutor
Teaching Experience 1 year
Travel radius 15 km from Dandenong
Tuition Fee
$45.00/hour (Prep to Year 10)
$50.00/hour (VCE)
24 hour cancellation notice required

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Subjects I can Tutor

Primary English P-6
Secondary English 7-10
VCE English Units 3&4
General English
Secondary Science 7-10
VCE Biology Units 1&2
VCE Biology Units 3&4
VCE Psychology Units 1&2
VCE Psychology Units 3&4

About Me

I’m currently an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of science degree at the University of Melbourne. I really enjoy tutoring and have started an education elective this semester which allows me to enhance my tutoring capabllities by volunteering as a tutor for people who can’t afford it but still need the assistance. I have a strong belief in students themselves and love helping them achieve their goals to their highest potential so that once they begin to understand the topic, it’s not so much just memorising – its about actually thinking and applying what they know and they begin to enjoy it themselves. It’s all about when you see that light switch that goes on in the students mind, you know you’ve finally been able to make a difference.

Teaching Experience
tutored for more than 1 year
Experienced tutor

I currently tutor a year 12 psychology student at Kew High (my former high school). I go through each topic with which is relevant to the area of study and use specific psychology terms such as the ‘self-reference effect’ so that the student not only learns what that means in terms of psychology but it may also enhance her learning. As a result, the student’s sac marks are above average and they were able to catch up to the rest of their class mates even after being away on vacation for a month.

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Location: Dandenong, VIC

Serina will travel within 15 km of Dandenong

High School ATAR Score 92.50
Bachelor of Science – University of Melbourne

Monday 3:00 PM     –     7:30 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM     –     8:00 PM
Wednesday 3:00 PM     –     8:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM     –     8:00 PM
Friday 3:00 PM     –     8:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 PM     –     4:15 PM
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