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Iris L i.

Tutor Type Advanced Tutor
Teaching Experience 1 year
Travel radius 5 km from Clayton
Tuition Fee
$45.00/hour (Prep to Year 10)
$50.00/hour (VCE)
24 hour cancellation notice required

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Subjects I can Tutor

Primary Maths P-6
Secondary Maths 7-10
VCE Maths Methods Units 1&2
VCE Maths Methods Units 3&4
VCE Specialist Maths Units 3&4
Secondary Science 7-10
VCE Chemistry Units 1&2
VCE Physics Units 1&2

About Me

I am studying Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma of French at Monash University. I always enjoy teaching others as I love to empower people through education. I volunteer with AMES to provide free lesson to migrants as I think they need the language skill to settle in Australia. I am Access Monash Ambassador to provide help to VCE students who are in low representative high school. I am passion to empower the minority group and people who are in need as I believe that education is the best way for them to live a better live.

Teaching Experience
tutored for more than 1 year
Experienced tutor

I provided classroom tutorial lessons in Hong Kong in 2014. The students were in different year level, from Year 1 to Year 6. I provided lesson on Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), English, Mathematics and Science. Their grade had improved after under taking the tutorial lesson.

I also provided Cantonese lesson to two primary students in the beginner level. I crafted the teaching material and provide interactive lesson. They learnt a lot of basic Cantonese vocabularies and able to have basic Cantonese conversation.

I have taught an Accountant who had a deep interest in Cantonese. I crafted the lesson for him to suit his interest. At the end of the lessons, he was able to have basic conversation with his Chinese collages. He really enjoyed the way I taught and the culture part during the lesson.

My other student is an Apple employee who have a grate interest in Mandarin and Cantonese. He is learning both languages and hope that it can help his work as he has a lot of customers who speak those language. I focus on speaking and listening for this students and ensure he is learning useful conversation skills. He is improving and trying to learn the sentence structure

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Location: Clayton, VIC

Iris will travel within 5 km of Clayton

High School ATAR Score 94.65
Bachelor of Commerce Diploma of French – Monash University
Bachelor of Commerce/Business Information Systems – Monash University

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Tuesday 4:00 PM     –     9:00 PM
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