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Irene L ee.

Tutor Type Advanced Tutor
Teaching Experience 1 year
Travel radius 5 km from Carlton
Tuition Fee
$45.00/hour (Prep to Year 10)
$50.00/hour (VCE)
24 hour cancellation notice required

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Subjects I can Tutor

Primary English P-6
Secondary English 7-10
General English
Primary Maths P-6
Secondary Maths 7-10
VCE Maths Methods Units 1&2
VCE Maths Methods Units 3&4
VCE General Maths Further Units 1&2
General Maths
Secondary Science 7-10
VCE Chemistry Units 1&2
VCE Chemistry Units 3&4
VCE Biology Units 1&2
VCE Biology Units 3&4
VCE Psychology Units 1&2
VCE Psychology Units 3&4

About Me

Teaching Experience
tutored for more than 1 year
Experienced tutor

I have previously tutored a middle school student English, and a high school student Biology. To improve my tutee’s proficiency in using English as his second language, I divided my class into segments targeting different aspects of English, for instance spending 30 minutes on vocabulary, reading and writing. I also assigned homework and exercises in reasonable amounts for the student so that he is able to retain that information and absorb what is being taught in class. I’ve also structured my class in a way that allows my student’s creativity to flow. For instance, when it comes to teaching him how to write, I’ll provide him with several prompts to choose from, with an emphasis on brainstorming and generating ideas. Also, I gave my student the freedom to choose the novel/book/literature that we should discuss/read in class. Over time, not only did his writing skills improved, his oral skills did too. I’m glad I got be part of the process to help him raise his academic grade to where he’d like to be at.

I also previously had another student who was struggling with Biology due to an overwhelming amount of content he struggled to memorize. The first thing I told him is that although there are some aspects in BIology where memorization is unavoidable, there are also many aspects where it’s logical when you’re familiar with the terminology, and shouldn’t need much memorizing when you can connect the dots together. I told him to notify me parts of what he doesn’t understand prior to starting the tutoring session with me so I prepare my best on how to help him. Mostly, what I found what he struggled with the most was that he was not used to the terminology, so I emphasized a lot of that, because that is the foundation of how to piece everything in Biology. I also broke down the essential points of what his teacher addressed in class in layman terms, then in biological terms. I didn’t want my class to just be purely a memorizing one. So instead of spoon-feeding him with information to memorize, sometimes I will ask him some questions to see if he can see the relation between one thought to another, and whether he is able to link them together. For instance, I asked him “why is water’s surface tension convenient to insects?” And then I explained to him about the properties of water but not giving the answer completely, before going back to the original question I asked him. Also, I will link what he has learned in class to what is happening around the world to increase his fondness for this subject.

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Location: Carlton, VIC

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High School ATAR Score 97.50
Bachelor of Science – University of Melbourne

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