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Hello, I’m Srivatsa! I am a student at the University of Melbourne in the Master of Science (Physics) program, after having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics major) in 2014. I completed my VCE in 2011 with an ATAR of 98.65, and study scores of 43, 41 and 40 in Mathematical Methods (CAS), Physics and Specialist Mathematics respectively. Subsequently, I have taken on a small number of students every year since then for VCE tutoring. If I am provided the opportunity to tutor you, you would not only benefit from a knowledge of the VCE mathematical and physics courses but also a perspective gained from having studied both mathematics and (especially) physics to an advanced level at university. In particular, I feel very strongly that these subjects are taught in a very mechanical way, forcing students to rote-learn key details rather than gaining a comprehensive understanding of the subject. I, however, find that taking the time to provide some simple examples, along with insights into the bigger picture and (not-so-obvious) links with other sections of the course, will reinforce concepts in a much more natural way!