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My name is Nicole and I am a current university student. I believe that tutoring provides the opportunity for students to enhance their potential and I thoroughly enjoy seeing this achieved. I have had over a year of experience in tutoring and can assist students in achieving their full potential in Psychology, Legal Studies and English. I can additionally provide Psychology students with summaries and worksheets tailored to the purpose of tutoring.


I am currently 18 years old an graduated from high school in the class of 2013, i have always enjoyed playing sport and being physically engaged in activities, I like to translate this energy into my work. I like to think i have good communication skills and a great understanding of the intricate workings of student learning. I have played basketball for as long as I remember and I have also dabbled in other sports such as tennis, football and volleyball. I have recently found a love in astronomy and astrophysics. I love to spend my time thinking about how decisions in my life have impacted me and lead for me to be in the position I am currently in.