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Vietnam Orphanage Donation Drive 2016

Let’s make a difference

This Christmas we are seeking your help to aid disadvantaged, poverty affected children in Vietnam. We are seeking donations from friends and family to help purchase supplies for privately run children’s orphanages. These orphanages are often in desperate need of food, clothing, books and toys for children who are abandoned due to poverty, disability and lack of government aid.

It is estimated that there is now over 1.5 million orphans in Vietnam, often confined within the walls of derelict buildings and deprived of basic nutrition, medication and education. Volunteer nuns and nurses are under resourced and usually take care of over 100 children for every carer in rural areas.

We often take for granted the basic necessities in life which we are blessed with. Simple things such as a daily meal in the company of friends and family, a funded education leading to greater life and career prospects, and the tranquility of our homes to shelter us from the elements. In stark contrast, orphans savour their daily meals among other orphans as their only companions, receive little to no education to enhance their life prospects and live in overcrowded, impoverished areas.

You can help improve their life by making a donation today.

Donations close on 14 December 2016

2016/12/14 17:00:00

How is your gift donated?

In April 2015, with your help, we raised over $900 worth of donations to purchase and deliver bags of rice, baby formula and other food supplies to orphanages in Saigon. We are hoping to raise more this year to make a meaningful impact when Luan and Ravy travels to Vietnam in mid December.

Although we are not a registered charity,  100% of your donations will be going directly towards improving the nutrition and education of Vietnamese orphans. Luan and Ravy will be purchasing in Vietnam essential supplies such as rice, baby formula, stationery and books, and clothing. Your donations will not be used for any associated cost of travel such as flights or accommodation.

Past donations

$2310 raised in total thanks to…

17/12/2016 Miss Jennifer Nguyen-Do $200
14/12/2016 Anonymous $9
13/12/2016 Anonymous $50
13/12/2016 Miss Vanessa Leung $50.00
11/12/2016 Anonymous $330
10/12/2016 Anonymous $100
10/12/2016 Ms Karly Nguyen-Do $200
10/12/2016 Anonymous $100
10/12/2016 Mr Luan Nguyen $200
10/12/2016 Mr Luke and Oliver Pham $200
10/12/2016 Mr Joe Forgione $121
09/12/2016 Anonymous $50
03/12/2016 Dr Anna Cao $100
02/12/2016 Mr Abdou Elhage $150
02/12/2016 Prof Abdul Rahim Ymer $50
02/12/2016 Dr Meg & Leslie Wilson $100
02/12/2016 Miss Vi Nguyen $100
02/12/2016 Mr Ravy Pham $200

Make a Donation

Note donations are not tax deductible as we are not a registered charity