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Hi, My name is Caitlin and I am an 18 year old university student at the University of Melbourne who graduated from St Margaret’s school in 2013. I currently work with children aged 5-12 as a Hot Shots tennis coach, a job that I love. It is my aim that after I complete my undergraduate degree to study fourth year honours in Psychology and then postgraduate studies to become a Clinical Educational Psychologist. What I am offering: Tutoring tailored to your needs, whether its help for an assignment of exams or building skills to sustain you throughout your school career. It is my philosophy that to help a child’s education you must focus on their strengths and confidence rather than their weaknesses if you wish to see long term success. I am also more than happy to consult and give progress reports to parents. Furthermore, I also have an abundance of resources (books and notes) and first-hand VCE advice to offer.